“Never Forget”

Been awhile since my last post…But I am still here…

Always remember you are never better than God. He will set you strait one way or there other. Never walk way because he will bring you back. You get that gut feeling you better listen to it. Here is my latest story…

Last year I met a girl on dating site.. yes a dating site.. anyway I was in one town and she in another…l fast forward we are married now, best thing that has happened to me in a long time. For those who have red my testimony and other post you know what all has happened to me.

Instead of asking her to move close to me I moved to her town, bought a house. Well about that house, I started redoing some of the inside in February of this year and still working on it.  We stay at my wife’s house for now so there is no hurry but the stress of redoing my house is a different story and that is where this is going.

While I was try sell my house and dealing with some other issues I got out of church some. Anyway I moved to my new town and started working on my house. Well I was not going to church at all maybe here and there. I knew I was wrong not going but I told myself I need to work on my house so I did. Time goes by and I my re-flux I have got worst… my stress level got worst but at the time I told myself it was just dealing with the house.

My neighbors I am moving close to are great and some other people I know here ask my to come visit their church which I did a couple of times before did not think much about it, I knew I liked it.

My re-flux I would get I could feel my heart flutter and I associated it to re-flux would take some things and keep going. I know someone has been thru things like this but here is the real deal.

Sundays started coming around and I felt a gut feeling of something telling me get up, its time I would tell my wife we need to start going.  But self would get in the way and I would go work on house instead of going. Three weeks ago I felt on Saturday night something telling me you really need to go. I woke up Sunday morning and that push was even stronger. It was like a punch.. get up and go. I got up and told my wife I am going to church this morning. She got ready in 15 mins and we were gone.

The Sunday after 8/27/2017 I worked  Saturday and Sunday on the outside of my house to get some things done. I did not go to church this day. Everything was fine and Sunday night I was lying in bed when I felt my re-flux kick in, which I thought was re-flux. I went to work Monday and had to come home because I did not feel good. My heart was beating lot more than normal because normally it would do this and quit within a day. Well this time it did not and today 9/7/2017 it is still beating wild.

I went to my heart doctor yesterday, got put on blood thinner, he said double up on your medicine and come back in two weeks. My heart is out of rhythm again. It has been four years since this has happen. When I go back they will give another med for short time and schedule a time to have my heart shocked. Had this happen before to…. then I will take to another doctor to see about another fibrillation technique to resolve my issue completely.

Now I am not proof reading what I typed so it may sound odd in places.. but here it is..


NEVER FORGET God is in control!!!!! He will get your attention one way or the other, especially if you have been a active Christian. He has my attention again so always remember keep doing and do not stray away. God will come back to get you…. the church we are looking at is not as big as I am use to but it has great things going for it…